Watering may seem like a very simple aspect of keeping blueberries, but there are a few tips you should be aware of so you can keep your plants as healthy as possible.

Blueberries prefer drained soil which can lead to it drying out in a short time when there has been little rain. You do need to keep well-watered so check your plants frequently so keep them from really drying out. This is especially the case when the fruit is starting to set. Too little water will have a negative effect on the flavor and texture of your berries.

One very good way of helping manage the water for your berries is with a thick layer of mulch. Since they like acid soil, pine needles are a very practical choice but any loose organic matter will do. Straw, wood chips, or even shredded newspapers can all work fine. Once your bushes have been planted, pile in a thick layer of your choice material. You need to have several inches because it will pack down with time.

This will let rain trickle through and reach the roots, but it blocks the evaporation out of the soil to keep the water in. With less water loss, you will need to water much less frequently.

Blueberries have very shallow roots, so digging up weeds can be a little dangerous. Mulch adds an extra layer of protection against weeds for your plants as well as a way to conserve water.

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